July 30, 2009

Enduring Playful Love ~

As I strolled along the seashore looking or seashells, memories came from the past. Memories of a child again collecting seashells running,

to Mother "save them, save them for me."

Wondering where the seashells have been I peered deep within the whitecaps of the ocean, hoping to retrieve the mystery of their journey. Tumbling, swirling in the depths of the sea, seashells washed cleverly clean by the salted water.

Answers of the question at hand never seem to come because these are the mysteries of the world. Answers that we long for leaves us wondering, where do all the seashells go? I continue my stroll happily accepting that not all answers can come to me when expected.

Content to watch the waves caress the seashore, tossing the seashells with an endearing playful, love...that has been shared by us all.

*Author's Note:

Walking the beaches of Montauk, LI stir childhood memories of
family vacations at Santa Cruz, CA late 1940's - early 1950's

The Power of Faith ~

The sweltering heat from ones mind
burns the inner flesh creating holes
of deception and defeat

Crying for a cool calm to caress the
sweltering body a breath of fresh air swirls
calming and comforting the troubled mind

Peace surrounds the unraveled being
as peacefulness becomes one again
and joy returns to unite body and soul

For a moment in time a disruption began,
another moment in time the disruption is gone,
again, reminding one of progress made...

as the power of faith again, overcomes

July 28, 2009

Star's of Pet Fancy Magazine ~

Our Mom's a poet she reads to us, we know to be quiet and not make a fuss;
Her words are soft touching our hearts, we knew her poetry was special right from the start...

so we listen and purr when she is done and
give her kisses for she is the one...our Mother Cat

Hugs from Your Little Felines,
Max, Gracie and Mai Ling

Copy of 'Pet Fancy Magazine' Submitted by Carole Wolfram, UT

July 25, 2009

Floral Ink ~ Haiku

tropical brilliant
color bright florescent pink
blend of
floral inks

July 24, 2009

Another Day Has Begun ~

Cool breezes created from
swirling water in pools below
leaving misty cleanliness
upon ones dying spirit taking deep pure breaths savoring it all

the mind becomes gently consumed with beauty and peace
within the confines of the body overwhelming joy brought by the
comforts of peaceful surroundings fill the longing heart
with love streaming down from above

thus - another day has begun

July 23, 2009

A Peaceful Dimension ~

Take my hand, as I reach out to you
grasp the truth that is lingering,
dangling in front of your eyes,
whispering words only for you to hear

Take my hand, for truth is imbedded
deep into my palm crying for you to trust
in the strength it's offering, again reaching
to take you to a peaceful dimension

Take my hand, as my warmth will
heal your pain and will guide you to
a soothing place, protecting you from
harm that follows your crying spirit

Take my hand, trusting in me for I am
the voice of truth and the way to eternity,
believe in me for I am your salvation,
hear my words and follow my light…

for I am your loving God

Patiently I Wait ~

Life is a strange turmoil
of ups and downs, its ins and outs
a shadow of restlessness
that comes and goes
flowing in and out of my mind,
a feeling of uncertainty

I ponder my thoughts and
come away without an answer
because of the anticipation of my reality
I wonder where my fate will lead me,
curious what life is all about

I long to hold on to my memories
but, I know my mind cannot
return to its past,
I must challenge the future

Why do I linger in this mode of stalemate
and why do I long for what I once knew,
why do I wallow in the self pity of loneliness
when life is on the horizon for me

This moment is but a stepping stone
for my destiny is sure to shine before me
all the secrets of my life shall be revealed

I believe in the truth of my mind,
I patiently await my future knowing,
I shall succeed and only then…

I shall weep no more

Poetry Beginnings...

* Author's Note:

The next three poems are a sample of what I wrote in 1983 when I was involved with a person who went to jail for 38 days for a minor offense...I was devastated and filled my time by writing 13 poems of heartbreak. This really was the beginning of my desire to put my feelings on paper. No, he is no longer in my life, but it took me many, many years to get over him. rg

An Emptiness

As I enter our home
this noon I feel a chill
as the walls cry for you,
They have felt your touch
and caring as I

Soon the warmth shall return,
and the glow of the sun’s rays
shall creep into every opening,
like God’s graceful fingers
as He embraces us…

You are my love

Judge Thee Not

Judge thee, I shall not
for I have no right
But, what shall we be,
where shall we go?

Every corner
there seems to be
an obstacle,
hurdles to jump
How high
must we jump?

Hope I shall,
but, how do we
over come this
dark shadow of the landlords
and their debts you owe

They cry for you
I cry also,
for our chance

Curtains of Lace

Curtains of lace
Fill my world
The cool airy
Elegance of thread,
Woven into patterns
Of sheer beauty

Like the threads woven,
So is our life’s pattern
So delicate but,
Strong against the world

Intertwined are we to love
And to be loved
This is our choice,
This is what shall be…

For Infinity

July 21, 2009

To Rhoda Galgiani...

Such a special person always loving, always caring.
Always time for a friend, so giving, so sharing.
So many miles separate the lives we live,
but friendship narrows that gap,
As I envision her with Max, Mai Ling or Gracie
cuddled up in her lap.

A wonderful poet that has started her very own new site,
Called “Expression Poetry Journal”,
and if you have the time why not visit it tonight?
She loves her kitties and you can tell they love her too,
She is a child of God dedicated and true.

Only kind words for this friend can I show,
As I look forward for her emails as
our friendship continues too grow.
I’m her Texas buddy; she is my New York pal,
She is quite extraordinary, this L.I. gal.

Just want those who haven’t made her acquaintance
that to do so would be grand,
She is a spunky young lady and she packs her own brand.
Give her a visit and let her know what you think,
Better yet bookmark her site and tell others of her fabulous link.

Composed by - Ronald Bingham, TX ~ July 21, 2009

*Author's Note:

I received this wonderful poetry from my favorite TX email buddy Ronald Bingham this morning. Of course, you know he made my day, week, month and year with this one. I am so honored by this gesture and caring from an individual I have never met, who lives 2,500 miles away...who carries a huge heart full of love...for all. rg

Our Animal Friends

Loving an animal whether large or small
fills one heart whether short or tall

Without their love where would we be
nothing to hold close or tenderly

When sad they give us a kiss or two
when happy they play bringing joy to you

Where would we be without their love
blessings to us from Him above…

our animal friends

Meet Princess Molly Jo from TX ~

Yes, your Highness,
right away
your Highness!
I understand Princess Molly Jo owned by Ron Bingham rules everything and everyone in her household there in TX.

Well, as far as I am concerned she can rule anything she wishes as she has earned it. My dear email buddy sent me this sweet picture of his Princess Molly Jo this morning adding to the growing collection of "Doggie Pictures" here on Expressions. The Dachshund is one of my favorite puppies and Princess fits the bill perfectly in her cute little puppy dog pink dress. I think I'm just plain crazy for that little pink dress!!! Thank you Ron...

Meet the Wolfram Puppies from UT ~

Look at these three darling Shelties! From left to right is Chaise, Danielle and Ella who are owned by Carole and Paul Wolfram living in UT. These Puppies have been friends with my Kitties for some years now. They even send emails to each other on occasion. My Kitties tell me these "Doggies" are the best and they really are just like family as they express tons of love to their Feline friends here in NY. They are a true blessing from Him to the Wolfram family. Thank you Carole...

July 19, 2009

Meet Sir Oliver from NV ~

Oh me,
Oh my...
Am I blessed or what to be in the graces of this precious little Yorkie
Sir Oliver? My hearts melts as I view into his sweet little eyes of pure contentment, one who "walks like a Rottweiler not knowing he's no bigger than a NV minute"...

That's what his Mommy tells me. My Kitties will be jealous with the attention I am giving my new Canine friends. Photo sent to me by my 'spiritual uplifting' friend Caryl Ramsdale who resides in NV. Thank you Caryl...


July 15, 2009

Meet Ms. Ramona from FL ~

How could
one not fall
in love with
Ms. Ramona a darling Teacup Yorkie. Her picture was sent to me by
a great email buddy Jamie Ferreyros who lives in FL.

Jamie is a huge animal lover also. So now it looks like this website has gone to the "Dogs" so to speak. I just love this picture of his little sweetheart and I know you will love her too!!! Thank you Jaime...


July 13, 2009

Summer's Kisses

Consuming me with radiance
a sweet intoxicating dawn in
the courtyard of my dwelling
life whirls as it peaks from the
heat of a hot summer’s wand

Black birds fly their skies
circling to capture a surprise
as hungry squirrels quickly scamper
hiding their delicious find knowing
what’s coming they shouldn’t hamper

Moisture pool on emerald leaves as
nature spreads their fragrant with ease
as our eyes capture the beauty beneath
a crowded blue sky as I dream of
fluffy white sculptures up high

Nature’s bouquet reaching the sun
as flowers kiss touching one by one
coolness from an ocean breeze
giving breath to those who long for
courtyard bells to sing their song

The setting sun now takes a rest
shadows dance at the garden’s crest
gentle clouds moving slowly on
creating a velvet blue sky
for tomorrow’s morning dawn

Dreaming of the day gone by
with love and happiness one does sigh
knowing tomorrow again will rise
seeing summer's kisses come alive...

in a garden of love

Three Kitties, A Favorite Spot...

Max, Gracie and Mai Ling

My family, my gift of love wrapped up in three little bundles. Who could ask for anything more?

Max & Missy ~

Long Haired Maine Coon Cats. Brother left 18 lbs. and Sister right 15 lbs. born April 1996. Missy passed away December 5, 2007

Whispering Mews

Teardrops glisten in the winter sunlight
Thoughts of you tug my saddened heart

Memories of your whispering mews
A small grave is silent and calm

Your spirit walks on my right side
Your shadow to my left, as I remember

'The Mother Cat'

July 10, 2009

Kitty Love ~

Kitty love across the miles
Kitty love sent with smiles,
From a friend her stained glass shines
Lucky me, now Kitty is all mine...

* Author's Note:

Strained Glass creation by talented artist -
Barbara Dys, Las Vegas, NV ~ July 2009