November 11, 2009

Who? ~ Featuring John Loving, III

'Intuition Print' by Theresa Lucero

I am the now
I am the then
I am the past
I am the when

I am the known
I am the unknown
the dreaded and the longed

Certain and uncertain
bleak and fogged

I am as certain
as the bible says
and as weak as
gamblers odds

I am as far away
as a millennium
and as near as
your next breath

I hold the answers
to many mysteries
I bring certain death

I am always coming
but never am I here
some await me with anticipation
some await with fear

For science and medicine
I am the cause and cure
for history
I am justice

I am something for everything
including style for artist

Like my twin fate
and I'm often
accused of being late
but Providence
is my master
and he decides
who waits

I am the destiny
the prophets seek
philosophers and fools
often speak

As time moves
as minds think
everything chases me
and eventually we meet

But when I reach my destination
I become a new creation
I who am coming is and was
become the past

Honorable Mention Winner
If I Could Talk to God Poetry Contest
November 17, 2009 ~

*Editor's Note:

'Expressions' is proud to feature one of her favorite poets
John Loving, III from MO. His expression comes not only
from his faith, but from the heart. When reading some of his
work, one may find urgency and yet his unique style always
shines, proclaiming peace spoken from deep within his soul.
You may read more of his moving and impressive work at