November 9, 2009

A Tribute ~ With Love

You came to me under
stars of light
alone, cold
shivering on a frosty night

Not knowing who you were or whence you came, I knew I would love you just the same

I took you in giving you warmth from my home,
knowing you’d be safe never again shall you roam

Somehow you coming was an omen outside my door,
little did you know the love you would restore

My precious feline was taken suddenly that fast,
you came to me so my love would forever last

Now you must leave for rules have been broken,
you’re healthy and your adoption has been spoken

I can’t change what roads you and I must take,
but please know unwillingly you - I must forsake

As I carry you close within my breaking heart,
please remember, my love for you from the very start -

my Mai Ling

The Mother Cat