November 29, 2009

Becoming ~

The evening sun sets reluctantly
as the mind rests full of knowledge
gained from the dying day

Thoughts draining the brain seep
into the structure of the body
that carries the blood surrounding
its darkened memory bank

A steady stream of thoughts flow within
the electrical impulses of the
veins maintaining flashbacks
of words and descriptions

Hang on to me for I crave learning
from you as I root serenely within your
creative mind being taught all there
is for universal safe keeping

Here with you I tread lightly every
heavenly moment gaining poise
and grace hiding those trials of woe
for another’s laden weary brow

Whispering knowledge bestowed to me
I feel chosen by the presence
of you and your coming moment
with my own luminary being

Winds of change embrace me
gloriously as a storm approaches
my berth shutting the moon and stars
light from the sleepy heavens

Without restraints I surrender to the
silence of my being as I rest my weary
mind again against the confused and
disarray of today’s wicked world

becoming content -

becoming me