October 10, 2009

The Visible Sky ~

She runs to the other side of the room,
hiding from a scornful love that is no
longer consuming her internal soul of
emotional stability and comfort within the
warmth of the light that shown upon her

Lost along the way of the forbidden
path of the undesired, she stumbles
catching her step to maintain her mental
balance of the disarray whirling around
her head of dizziness and discomfort

Confused as to where her path of footsteps
is leading her, she looks to the misty window
that is lit before her face, drawn to peer inside
the pane of mistrust, to see if this is her destiny

Harshly waved away by another’s hand of cruelty
she is not welcomed to this place of warmth,
of satisfaction and stability that has been
maintained by others settled within, she moves
on knowing her road is still to be traveled

Her patience is worn with the climb as she steps
upon a path to a brighter light within her view,
she is called within her mind to a place of
love and belonging, of acceptance and approval,
deep within she has found what she searched for -

as she enters the visible sky of eternal love