October 20, 2009

Tainted Eyes ~

Tainted eyes have seen the pollution,
dumping stained memories on our earth floor
a land given to us by our creator to grow in,
establishing for future generations, calling it home

Seeing the growth of towering sky scrapers
reaching the clouds, reaching for clean air to inhale,
scorched by hot fumes from jet streams crossing the sky,
concrete floors hot, melting heat from the hurried traveler

The magnitude of our ancestor’s vision has
grown tenfold, their vision of growth for us to share
decade after decade with each other for centuries to come,
my eyes have seen continued growth of their beginnings

Purity from yesteryear spread across the land,
gradually turning to ugliness appeasing the greed
of corporate managers living in buildings to the sky,
towering, dwarfing small creature choking below in filth

Our future generations are being crushed by the
weight of the unkempt, drug user, thief and rapist
taking what they may whipping the old and less
fortunate human into a dark corner with fear

Crying to be heard the knocked around, taken
advantage of God fearing human being,
whether a surviving man, woman or child
shouts - this is enough for all of us to bear,
this is our land, our world to love and respect…

protect it for our babies being born for tomorrow -
before my tainted eyes go blind from the filth of today