April 21, 2014


Buds of Spring
Spring Growth
dampened soil bursting
little faces of Spring growth
sheltered by God’s hand
- Rhoda Galgiani
Japanese Haiku Poetry Form is un-rhymed in "traditional" syllable counts of 5, 7, 5 in 3 line stanzas - The subject is about nature and usually brings much imagery into the poem...rg

April 20, 2014

An Easter Message from 'Expressions'...

To All Who Grace the Pages of 'Expressions'
We are Sending Holiday Wishes With Love
For a Joyous and Happy Easter...
Hugs from Rhoda,
Kitty Purrs from Gracie

April 15, 2014

Free Verse...

Miniature Red Rose Bush
Produced Roses Each Day for Six Years

Miniature Love
Spring - you came to me
a budding miniature rose bush
with a deep red hue that holds
dew drops between her petals
 Summer - you came to me
your natural radiant beauty that
showered me with delicate buds
bringing me happiness for days
 Autumn - you came to me
to my surprise coming one last time
a single miniature rose bud for me
to entwine with grateful joy
 Winter - you came to me
snow to put you to sleep resting safely
until the following Spring and then you
will peek again through the soil -
 Bringing me happiness from your
structure of miniature love
  - Rhoda Galgiani

Free Verse Poetry Form has no rhyme, no special line length or no special pattern - It sounds like natural speech - It tells a story or paints a picture - It uses carefully chosen words to describe experiences or feelings - It is written like a poem and not like a paragraph - It must make sense to the reader…rg 

April 8, 2014


Heavenly Grace

Darkened day of gloomy fright from above
Knowing the storm will pass by
Heavenly grace touched me

- Rhoda Galgiani
Kimo Poetry Form - A post-Haiku poetic form , consisting of three lines of 10, 7 and 6 syllables - This form of poetry was invented in Israel - (Western form of Haiku is 3 lines of  5, 7, 5 syllables Subject is about Nature)...rg

April 7, 2014



A New Day 
About an hour ago
Beginning with the morning sun
Caressing the coming day
Delighting in the promise
I awoke with joy in my heart

- Rhoda Galgiani
ABC Poetry Form - First line starting with A, 2nd B, 3rd C
Last line use any letter...rg

April 4, 2014


A Poet’s Soul
Mother, daughter, friend, writer
Sister of Robert, Cheri and Gary
Lover of God, people and animals
Who feels compassion, pity and love
Who fears Satan, rejection and criticism
Who would like to see peace, love and humility
Resident of East Patchogue, NY
Bio Poetry Form - Written about one self’s life, personality traits and ambitions
Line 1: First name
Line 2: Four traits that describe you
Line 3: Brother/Sister of (may substitute son/daughter of)
Line 4: Lover of (Give names of three people or ideas)
Line 5: Who feels (Give three feelings)

Line 6: Who fears (Give three items)
Line 7: Who would like to see ... (Give three items)

Line 8: Resident of... (Give city and state)
Line 9: Last name only

April 2, 2014


His Masters Voice
One Voice…
Expression from thee,
utters thy wish
- Rhoda Galgiani
Epigram Poetry Form - A very short, ironic and witty poem usually written as a brief couplet or quatrain. The term is derived from the Greek epigramma meaning inscription...rg

March 30, 2014


There is beauty in allowing yourself
to be open to the pain of tears...
- Author Unknown

Heart is full
of emotions

words of woe
from another
crying tears
lost is her sight
her world is dark - heart is full

tears that stream
mind confused
her shivers crawl
slowly creep
one of cold form
eyes are still from - emotions

Words of woe
she shifts her thought
her flow of tears
dries her stains
regains the strength
shuts out devil - words of woe

thought becomes real
weakness fads
decisions made
tears now dry
spirit will soar
heart is full for - another

- Rhoda Galgiani

Whitnelle Poetry Form - Created January 22, 2014 by Janet Vick - A combination of a Whitney form in syllable counts of 3, 4, 3, 4, 3, 4, 7 and the Lilibonelle form where repeating lines are used to begin each verse 4 verse minimum - When using line 2 and line 4, they need to be shortened by a syllable count to 3 - You may change the wording, but not the words, if needed - The first line of each verse ends the last line of each verse -The first line of the first verse is included in the last line of the poem as well -The title of the poem is the theme of the verses and appears in each verse...rg

March 27, 2014


Earth swallows
Mother Nature's

- Rhoda Galgiani

Lanterne Poetry Form has 5 lines 1, 2, 3, 4 Syllables
Last word 1 Syllable relating to first word

March 20, 2014

Welcome Spring

This year I have waited like no
other for Spring to come back my way.
Watching the silent trees for a signal of new growth,
listening for the birds to sing their first tune,
watching people to see if they step just a bit lighter.

Spring you have come again with beauty.
You are finally here for all to sing about.
Seeing the Daffodils starting to grow
Tulips poking their new born sprouts up
through the hardened earth reaching for the sun. 

I am happy for my Spring is here.
I am going outside to enjoy every moment
of this glorious time of year,
seeing it all, the new growth of it.
spending every second I can in God’s... 

seasonal creation of love

- Rhoda Galgiani