August 22, 2016

Faith Seed

Visibility to the light our understanding hearts
regain the faith seed we must grow for
God is above us all...

- Rhoda Galgiani

August 13, 2016

My Son John

He is gone and I try to write about him.
Words just don’t come as I’ve tried.
Although the feelings are deep down inside
They cannot come out as if to say,
I'll hide so the pain will go away.

Trying again as words come out wrong.
I miss his calls; him singing that silly song.
You are ‘My Sunshine’ he would sing
Laughing I wait until his next call
Then he would sing his song all over again.

I use to say stop calling so much
As we have nothing new to say.
Haunted by words down deep within
I pray for just one more call
To hear that silly song all over again -

from My Son John

January 5, 1962 ~ August 12, 1996
20th Year Anniversary

- Rhoda Galgiani

August 8, 2016


Light within the window
calls me back home
Time to settle down
no more need to roam

- Rhoda Galgiani

August 5, 2016

For Tomorrow

Sensation penetrates the troubled mind
as if to sooth, to comfort the turmoil of
conflict that came before the darkened brow

Life of confidence, of one’s serenity is
shattered just for the moment at hand
a moment that is taken for granted in life

Ray of light shows a stumble is one’s road
bringing one to their knees just for an instant
not forever as the saddened mind would suggest

Life has its woes that brings one to shed tears
something tells the dark heart not to worry
God’s there to wash one clean for tomorrow

- Rhoda Galgiani

August 3, 2016

God Has Pity...

It is known by those
who shan’t believe His truth
hands and knees will burn
nevertheless, He will have pity

- Rhoda Galgiani