November 30, 2010

His Heart is That of a Fearless Lion ~

Humans hear his thunder, they hear his roar
as the paws of the King cover his territory
taking it upon him self to protect, to guard
the existence of their wilderness world

Known for his mighty majestic mane
his power as he leaps towards what
calls to him, his keen eye that searches
the prairie for what shall sustain him

For a moment his will take a pause
to regain his momentum, to renew
his strength to continue on with
the life that was given to his spirit

As he lifts his head his heart is full
knowing his domain is safe from all
that brings him harm, safe from humans,
the hunters who search for his hide –

Search they will, but he has
outsmarted them again as he moves along
the well traveled trails, as he hides in the bush
and thicket that protects himself and his cubs

his heart is that of a fearless Lion

November 21, 2010

The Santa Cruz Pier -

Misty sea water swirls against the dock pillars
as if to say ‘wake up and hear my song",
whispering movement continuing the day
longing not to sleep amongst the pier’s wall

Memories of events for those who traveled
the shores path lingering to grasp the vision,
wondering if one shall return to this wonderment
of peace and the serenity of an ocean’s love

Feeling the moist air current around one’s soul
as scents of pureness penetrates the lining of
one’s stride, walking aimlessly to and fro hearing
the click of one’s heel against time pasted on

The Boardwalk that cradles the ocean calls to me
as memories of a long ago childhood comes to light,
smelling cotton candy, the search for discarded seashells
once buried in sand castles that return to the sea –

as I gaze at the Santa Cruz Pier

November 16, 2010

November 13, 2010

Z's Human Embrace...

His eyes show humility as
he searches the surroundings,
his instinct is to hide for that
is all this creature has known

Caged for six years by an inhuman
by one who does not know his warm
beating heart, his mind nor his soul –
yes, God created him with a canine soul

Discovered by one who will love him,
bringing to him freedom of exploration,
his captive visions photographed from his
cold metal encasement - he called home

Today, he is learning slowly what life is
all about as he romps and plays discovering
the love and touch - of human embrace,
from a human that saved his canine heart -

the human named him Z

November 5, 2010


of words like songs
flow through her gifted pen.
Expressions born of life, insight,
and faith.

Thank you Rhoda for sharing
your talent!!

Karen O’Leary, Poet ND
November 2010

November 1, 2010

I Shall Adore...

Sweetness fills the air
for those who take a moment
to breathe in its fragrance

Visions of beauty grasps
those eyes who take a moment
to see the worlds wonders

Memories are embedded
in the mind who take a moment
to savor His creations, His work

Here is my moment –
that I shall adore